Do you know that everything on earth speaks?

It didn’t start today, it has been in existence even before man was created. Psalm 19:2

When God said “Let Us create man in our Image and after our Likeness”, God was saying “let Us create speaking Spirits just like Us.” Genesis 1:26

Spirits that will create a glorious atmosphere around them, Spirits that will establish the Government of Heaven around them and say “Thy will be done in my life as it is in Heaven”

Spirits that will speak what they want to see and cancel with their mouth was is contrary.

There are many voices speaking today, their goal is to make you feel discouraged, fear, doubt and have low self esteem, but i want to encourage you today that you were created for much more. You have the power to stop those voices of doubt, fear and discouragement.

Does this sound familiar?

Hey! Your parents didn’t go beyond this point, what makes you think you can?”, So you call yourself a man, and yet you can’t provide for your family?, Women don’t take up jobs like this, what makes you think they will hire you?, nobody wants you, See! They are all talking about you and it goes on and on and on.


I am created in the image of God, i am a partaker of the divine nature of God, if God can, then i can, because i am an offspring of the Most High God.

Stop those lies, Stop those voices of condemnation, Stop those voices of fear. Go ahead and begin to speak what you want to see, begin to create a new world around you, begin to build your business empire. SPEAK! SPEAK!! SPEAK!!!.

God spoke those things that be not as though they were, you have the ability to speak those things you want to see as though they were also.

Never forget that God created you to be a SPEAKING SPIRIT JUST LIKE HIM!! Speak Gods word to that situation that looks impossible and watch it come down like a pack of cards.


By Be inspired with Faith

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