I will need you to first and foremost understand that there is territorial administration and operations in every territory. Territories have spiritual rulers, and the land obeys their rulers above any other authority.

Land technology is configured in such a way that it has laws that guide it’s spiritual city (spirit city)..

The land is made to respond to whoever has its scepter, irrespective of religion.

If you obey the laws by which it was established, you will win the scepter of the land.

(This, however is not my emphasis )

The church is moving forward in ‘stuff’ and we have mistaken this apparent progress in a territory as the sign of our rulership .

Having the biggest auditorium in a territory doesn’t make you the spiritual land lord of the territory?


Territorial dominion doesn’t work that way….

We must be able to separate our “church exploits” from our territorial exploits.

After taking the statistics, you will see that we’re only ruling “the church” not the territory.

A time comes where the great M.O.G with the biggest congregation in a territory is mistaken to be the spiritual landlord of that particular territory which is not actually the reality.

In reality he only has an office in his kingdom which give him the authority to rule the men from his kingdom in his jurisdiction.

When it comes to a territorial context however, you’re ruling everything under the sun in that territory.

Are you seeing the difference now?

Have you not taken note that we have some men of stature that rule in our Kingdom by the privilege given to them by our superior KING.

So now!

Be sincere with yourself.. In that city of yours, who is actually ruling??

It is a known fact that 99% of territories in Nigeria are being ruled by the men of dark Kingdom.

The activities and experiences in those areas prove it…

We must be sincere with ourselves.

So, Witness.. how possible is it for a man to control a territory?

Very possible.. I have proven it.

A time came in my training that I was told to collect the rulership scepter of a community. I was shown the man that was the spiritual ruler of the land, and who held the scepter.

After the necessary priesthood from the stand point of the finished work of Christ,

I successfully collected it?

Boom! I became a new guy spiritually in that territory. My word became law. I revoked many occurrences and invoked our righteous decree over the territory.

The sun, birds and animals in that territory were obeying me.

In fact, on one occasion a brother was troubled by owls. After he had spoken in Tongues and shouted ‘fire’ everywhere, nothing happened.

He called me, and I told him to whisper my name to them.

They immediately ran away from the place.

The weather and nature were obeying my name when people call it for them….only in that territory only.

I did the same thing in warri but it didn’t work. ..

Some guys were saved..

There was a number of spiritual territorial reformations. Indigenous people of the community were getting encounters and delivered

Nothing happened in the land without my notice (I must permit it)

It went on till………

I have a brother who was the only person I revealed this to(he is reading it this now).

He is the only one that witnessed all this stuff (it’s was all secret). The day I called down thunder because of a particular thing that happened in the land without my notice, he is the only person that I told before I did it (it’s was intentional because I already held the scepter hence the land and stuff in it obey me more than other authorities in the land)

It’s was practically proven as if I held the community in my hand because anything I decree happened.

Please before you say I’m taking the glory to myself, NO!

That’s how you were made to live your life as a SON OF GOD IN your territory. Deliberate intentional operation. ..Not sovereign. ..where you can handle the scepter of territory.

From experience I have proven this reality that a man can actually be a spiritual ruler of a city and rule it…

Imagine if the ruler of benue is a SON OF GOD(righteous king)

He could have discharged herdsmen and bokoharam because the land will always obey him.

So who is ruling our state and Africa nations? ?

Honestly it is the( men) of the dark Kingdom!

But they are not the rightful owners

Lets rise into our royal priesthood ordination for territories. .

And get hold of all the scepter in different spheres…

You can rule that local area, state and nation

But stature is built through serious dealings by the Spirit of God…

THAT’S WHAT I’M PRESSING INTO(not to perform miracles have encounters )




AFRICA SHOULDN’T BE RULED BY DARK MEN (occultic )in and after my time…



(So are You)

I shut it here

Written by The witness

John De liberty

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  1. Very Inspiring message by John De Witness. Thank you sir.


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