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Actually when God made man, man needed no physical clothing because he was not naked, he had a supernatural garment. That garment was his spirit man. That spirit of man was not just in the body; it was both an indwelling and an outward overwhelming of the body… that was the clothing of the body of man… In the beginning the spirit man was not inside the body.. It was the body of man that was inside him, the spirit. The spirit was the house that carried the body and sustained it. That was the technology of life of the life of a living soul man. That was why that man needed no clothes, no vehicles or planes, no kitchen to cook food.. He was a super man… His state in life placed him Above everything created. He was God over over the works of God’s hands.

That was the reason why his body could neither age nor wrinkle.

But as soon as he fell, the body became the house of his spirit which is the other way round now. The spirit died and caved into the body. The man suddenly became naked. He could no longer function as God of the earth because that wearing was the ‘mantle’ or sceptre by which he ruled. He was a living soul spirit man whose presence sustained all creation and kept them alive. Adam was the covering of God over creation. He was the presence of God upon the earth. He was the Chief Priest and his garment was a wearing that sprouted from his being, not an external wearing.

2 Corinthians 5:1-4
For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

[2] For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

[3] If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.

[4] For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.

Your Spirit is your heaven because your Spirit is Christ. Christ is your heaven. Spirits wear their habitation as a garment. Remember that God our Father is clothed with light as a garment and He dwells in the light which no man (created spirits) can approach. So His dwelling and His garment are one. Take a close look at his prayer in the scripture below,

John 17:5
And now, O FATHER, GLORIFY thou ME with THINE OWN SELF with the GLORY which I HAD with THEE before the world was.

To glorify is to be clothed with, to bring something inside another, to cover with, to immerse with. Glory IS LIFE ESSENCE, it speaks of the spirit personality. Jesus in his prayer was telling the Father to cloth him with his spirit personality. That prayer was answered at his resurrection. He came on that resurrection morning not wearing cloth yet he was not Sen naked.

Why? His resurrected body is now in his and no more his spirit inside gis body. That was the divine order life.

What am I saying? When the Paul speaks of his house or Tabernacle; he is speaking of a garment which is the new body… That new body is in heaven and the heaven is in your spirit. That body is going to shoot forth from your being… The spirit will overwhelm the body again; what was dead will dematerialised and the new body will emerge… This is how immortality will swallow up mortality. Immortality is who you are in your real essence. Your body is dead because of sin but your spirit is LIFE because of righteousness. However because the Spirit that raised Jesus dwells in you, that same spirit gives life to your mortal body…

Take a close look at the scripture below,

Romans 8:10
And if Christ be in you, the BODY is DEAD because of SIN; but the Spirit is LIFE because of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Your heavenly body is not going to come from anywhere outside you. I is your spirit man coming to overshadow your body. That is what will bring about the swallowing up of mortality by immortality (life-you)

When Jesus rose from the dead. He went to the grave to pick up his body. But note that the body he picked up was translated into a brand new body. How? The new quickening spirit made contact with the former body and that body was changed. The elements of the former body were swallowed up or dissolved and the new spirit overshadowed that body, creating a new body .. This new body is not made of the elements or dust of the earth. It is born of God. It is made of the substances of immortality!

At resurrection, Jesus went up to offer his blood before the Father. As a priest, he needed a garment to officiate. He could not have gone into the heavenly Tabernacle as a naked spirit or with Adamic body.. When I say naked I mean without the new body… Nakedness is not the absence of physical clothing. It is the absence of glory.

That was one of the curses that came from the fall. To be naked is to be without glory. To be without glory is to be without a living body. To be without glory is to be MORTAL, spiritually dead. That was why Jesus said, ” A body you have prepared for me” Even in his human state, he had a body that could carry out certain functions. His body was spiritual. He wore clothes because he needed to appear as the ones whom he came to save. Actually his body was alive. When he manifested Himself upon the mount of transfiguration the bible says his clothing shone as pure light. That was actually the overshadowing of his spirit upon his body. He had a sinless body to bear the sins of men…

In the new testament we who are alive are enjoined to present our body a living sacrifice… God recognizes the fact that life is supposed to enter this present body and reverse the course of death therein. That is what revelation of Jesus should carry out within us. Turn the death doomed body into a revitalized body and immortalize it! Hmmmm…

The priesthood of Aaron was not a true reflection of priesthood in God because priesthood gives life. And the very life a priest gives is himself. A priest who is unable to life is not a TRUTH PRIEST, BUT A PRIEST AFTER THE ORDER OF CARNAL COMMANDMENTS. For a TRUTH PRIEST is he who is ABOVE DEATH.

What humans have now is a death doomed body. It’s a body that death has worked upon and a priest cannot officiate with such body.. That is why Paul says we groan for to be clothed.. What he is saying is that “We want to be CLOTHED WITH OUR PRIESTHOOD GARMENT…


It is that garment coming out of the spiritman (heaven) that will wear the body and turn it into a GLORIFIED BODY..

All saints who died and left their bodies behind will return with the Lord to pickup those bodies for the bodies to experience RESURRECTION WHICH IS TRANSITION INTO IMMORTALITY.

The truth is the body do not have to fall/drop dead to have this experience. The Lord is saying YOU CAN SWITCH INTO YOUR GLORIFIED body WITHOUT THE BODY DYING PHYSICALLY…

No TRUTH PRIEST officiates without his glorified body. So when Jesus came to pick up his body, he came overwhelmed the old body, dissolved it and wore the new body which is also HIS PRIESTLY GAMENT for officiating in the TABERNACLE of IMMORTALITY..

If you observe, he did not take the clothing with which he was covered in The tomb. It was because he did bot need it anymore. HE HAD COME INTO A NEW ORDER, IMMORTAL ORDER.

A glorified body is translucent. It is able to reflect the light nature of the spiritman.. It does not need any external covering


Apostle Sam Onuora

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