NEVER you assume because you are the one behind the pulpit then everyone else in the congregation is your SUBORDINATE in the things of God.

NEVER you assume because you are the one ministering the word then everyone one else listening is a babe in KINGDOM DOCTRINE.

NEVER you assume because you are the one the anointing is upon then you have the right to lay hands on every body in the congregation. There are some heads to dare not touch.

NEVER you assume because you’re the one giving word of knowledge, every other person in the congregation is blind spiritually . Please do this HUMBLY. You can be giving accurate words of knowledge and prophecy while someone in the congregation is also seeing clearly into your life’s scroll.
Well, I have noticed a lot of ARROGANCE on the side of the fellow with the microphone while ministering. I see the way they minister to God’s people like SLAVES in need of help just because they have been privileged to have access into the bank of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE . Treat everyone in the congregation like ROYALTY EVERYTIME but be BRUTAL with the devil and his little demons.
Minister with BOLD HUMILITY and not PRIDE. The line is very thin between these. The HOLY SPIRIT has to show you your BOUNDARY.
Please be HUMBLE while you minister as some RANKING KINGDOM OFFICERS wearing jeans and T-shirt could just be sitting in the congregation like lambs. (Though, true humility, based on the PRESCRIPTION of SCRIPTURES has nothing to do with how you dress).

More so, let this scripture put you in CHECK every time: “For he RESIST the PROUD but gives GRACE to the HUMBLE”
James 4:6

No one is skillful enough to escape the sinking effect of PRIDE while NAVIGATING through the waters of life with the millstone of PRIDE tied to them.
No one!

This is a call to return KINGDOM ORDER in our dealings and meetings.

Be guided!

By Apostle Shadrach Ojemire


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