Don’t just listen to what people preach but watch them and see with the eyes of your spirit how they live. What they truly believe is what they express and show forth. How they live is what their teachings would produce in you because people don’t just teach what they know, they impart who they are.

No matter how much a proud person teaches humility, the people will never be humble.

A woman who is not submissive to her own husband at home will come to church and begin to teach other women to be submissive??? No!

They would hear the words but eventually pickup her behaviour if they are not mature enough to discern, to know what to pick up from a person and what to trash. If you do not have a personal walk with God, you have not leant how to submit to the holy unction in you, you really can’t tell what to eat and what not to eat. As far as babies are concerned, everything goes into the mouth…

A gossip, one who delights in talking about the failings of others in order to discredit such before people is a very dangerous person to stand behind the pulpit indeed… Probably someone offended you and you decided to tell the whole world things the person told you in confidence. You have forgotten that this same person holds secrets of you that you don’t want to be heard by another…

A minister must not be a tale bearer. .. must have power to bridle the tongue and keep it from running wanton! The things you know about people should be converted to intercession, not gossip. A leader who delights is getting information from followers is raising a community of tale bearers… Nobody truly grows in such places in spite of the many activities

How can such a person still stand before God, behind the pulpit boasting to God’s people about her love walk? What manner of heart is yours?

Someone who has lived for years exercising faith in medicines and injections comes to the pulpit to brag about healing????? He knows about it but he has not been experiencing it and he is not ready to learn from those who are walking in it. At the same time, He wants the people to know that he too knows this thing. “I can also teach it”.

Don’t just follow people because they can talk; follow people whose ears are tuned to the Lamb in every season, and who are willing to always lay down light again to pick up light again… People who can switch dimensions and move through realms because of childlikeness and flexibility.

In this kingdom the more you know, the more humble you are and the more you are able to receive from others without trying to prove yourself…

There are seasons when all you are required to do is just be quiet and listen to tha younger someone; someone who might not necessarily suit your theology, but has something given to him by God that can help you advance into a new season. Therein lies your honour sir.

Some of us have been around a particular pasture for decades and the dryness that we exhude is so tangibly felt. You can deceive some people with stale bread but someone like me, if you like butter the bread and warm it inside microwave. If the bread is stale, I have a way of detecting it and I will not eat it. I usually don’t send anyone to buy bread for me because I have a problem with stale bread. Lol

When there is no freshness in pasture, dryness will be present. Even under anointing, dryness shows. Humble yourself and look for people who are on fire. Learn from them. There is no competition at all. There is something that every joint is supplyi ng. The vessel might not appeal to you; but that’s God’s way of doing things.

That thing you need might just be in a container you really don’t like. You need another kind of sight to see it and a kind of heart to receive it.

A container can later be packaged to look presentable the way you want it to look but never you reject good content because the container’s packaging does not suit you…

It is most honorable when you can detect destiny in its raw/early state, acknowledge and embrace it in that state. Be a part of success at its little beginnings. If you are a type of person who is always waiting for something to have fully emerged before you begin to associate yourself with it, you are likely to miss some destiny doors. You need to renew your mind.

Most times, the most precious things are usually hidden or surrounded with unattractive features so that only those with ‘eyes’ can see them and pick them up.

Humble yourself get your supply and move forward.


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