This is to all those who have made themselves SOCIAL MEDIA POLICE MEN and WOMEN who at will, INSULT and CRITICIZE MINISTERS of the GOSPEL (especially FATHERS and MOTHERS of the FAITH). They even go as far as mentioning the names of such ministers on social media. While some others even go as far as using other MINISTER’S MISTAKES to preach in a DISRESPECTFUL manner.

The worse of all is BOLDLY OPPOSING and CRITICIZING SOMEONE who was instrumental to you progress at one time in your life because you two have now fallen apart.
Brother/sister, you’re in rebellion already and the MATCHLESS one will not spare you I can assure you. It makes no difference what the case it!

Did you see what God asked Aaron and Miriam (who were also ministers) in Numbers 12:8,
“Where you NOT AFRAID to TALK AGAINST my servant Moses”
I shook into my bones the day I saw this scripture.

Some do not even know they have become sick, weak, small, broke, afflicted and stagnated BECAUSE they ATTACKED a MINISTER of the KINGDOM. They ERRONEOUSLY say, “after all we are all God’s anointed, so I can say what I don’t like about a man of God”. You are right about us being anointed but there is such a thing as RANKING in the kingdom structure that creates ORDER. We are not all in the same RANK!
Therefore, you are NOT the “discipline master” of the kingdom by any standard.
Also, don’t keep as friends people who do this, because evil communication corrupts good manners. Besides, if you give them your ears or you laugh while they make jest of a man of God, you’re also guilty of the same offense.

My dear, Kindly note that the Devil already has ENOUGH STAFF on his pay roll to do his dirty jobs, he DOESN’T need your SERVICES.
You are sowing seeds(of rebellion and dishonour) for a harvest that will destroy you eventually.

More so, as you continue along this slippery slope, you are DISQUALIFYING yourself systematically from GREATNESS by violating the KINGDOM PRINCIPLE of HONOUR which is a pre-qualification for GREATNESS in the School of the SPIRIT.

In conclusion, if you don’t understand something/someone don’t criticize it, when a believer/ minister makes a mistake, pray for them in your closet and not on Facebook and Instagram.

Destructive criticism is NOT a KINGDOM CALLING.
Stop helping hell!


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