Dear believer, life and immortality is the CURRENT and PRESENT condition of ‘your’ spirit NOW!

Forgive my tautology or redundancy please… I needed to make sure that you got it.


As a new creature in Christ Jesus, do not measure your life by the yardstick of the experiences of your body and soul conditions, and thus reject the truth of the ‘immortality of the believer here and now’!

Yes you still go hungry, fall sick, get angry, etc…

And so what?

What do those ephemeral realities of the soul and body have on the infallible Word of God? Nothing!

Your human experiences are not powerful enough to disarm your Divine realities as revealed by the living Word of God.

Unless of course, you believe they are, and you behave so.

Do not let your body and unrenewed soul dictate the supernatural ecosystem in which you function…

On the contrary, superimpose the reality of the immortality of your recreated spirit (which is one spirit with God) upon your body and soul.

Only then will you begin to see this mystery of life and immortality here and now become your experiential reality.


I do not want to overwhelm you with so many ‘hows’ that you won’t practice any.

So this is one among many how to superimpose the spirit realities on the body and soul…

Wake up in the middle of ‘your’ night (the darker the better). Between 12 midnight and 3am is the best (my experience).

I will come back and tell you the mystery of the night in a moment.

So what do you do when you rise up at that Godly hour of the night, when the rulers of civilizations are at work?

You pick one or two Scriptures or slot a message that emphasizes on your immortality here and now as a believer…

Fix your eyes on that scripture or your attention to the message as it plays…

Then begin to blast in fiery (not sleepy) tongues as your mind is inundated with the Scripture or message.

Do this at least one hour every night starting from tonight.

Then go right back to bed while marinating your soul and body in the same Scripture or message.

Warning ⚠: You may break out into strange supernatural encounters!

But don’t panic. You are stirring the eagle’s nest.

You are shaking foundations in the spirit realm and in your soul region.

A time comes when the realities of your spirit would begin to seep into your soul and precipitate into your body.

When that begins to happen, know that your journey just began.

However, results are not typical. But they will surely come.

This is just one way! No theories.

The 21st century Church is full of theories. That’s why we have little or no results compared to the first century Church.

But we are changing that narrative by God Most High!


As promised earlier….

Why do I advocate the night seasons for this kind of spiritual operations?

Because 1 hour of engaging the spirit realm at night is worth more than 7 hours of engaging during the day…

Ask the people in the occult world.

It doesn’t matter what time zone you are in, engage the night seasons there.

It is my personal opinion that…

Any minister of the Gospel who has a structured ministry where he feeds members every Sunday and during the week, but does not engage the night seasons for himself, will hardly be an embodiment of the mysteries and truths he shares with others!

When is he going to eat for himself? Is it during the day time?

Has he finished counseling and preparing messages he wants to preach to the congregation?

I repeat, the bread that nourishes a baker or seller is not the number of loaves they have baked or sold,but the number they have eaten!

Preparation of a hot message is not synonymous with eating that message for yourself. Ministers take note.

Another reason I advocate the night seasons is this….

Traffic is minimal during the night seasons.

Those who undertake night journeys a lot will understand what I’m talking about.

A journey of 12 hours due to traffic jam during the day time may take you just 1 hour in the middle of the night.

The same mystery also governs the spirit realm!

Just one more reason to engage the night seasons and I leave this table until tomorrow….

At night seasons, the demand for commodities reduce so the sellers drop the price.

Many of you here lived with your mothers or big aunties growing up.

You noticed that many of them preferred to go to the market to buy food stuffs at night, but you never knew why. This is why…

At night, the demand for those commodities drop. Many people have gone home. So the sellers drop the price.

Have you ever wondered why you tend to break into the spirit atmosphere without stress when you pray at night compared to during the day time?

It is the same mystery governing the realm of the spirit.


I’m aware of the fact that I did not share any passage of the Scriptures with today’s episode.

It is deliberate. There are so many of them, and adding them would make the read much longer than it already is.

But be rest assured that they will surely be fully represented in the coming book.

Now, stop fighting the immortality of the believer here and now.

It is equally yours. Go and engage until it becomes your experiential reality here and now!

Did you learn one or two things from today’s table shaking?

What are your high points in today’s episode?

Should we continue to shake this table or not?

Let me know.

Cheers 🍻

Chika Emmanuel Okoye
(Dr Custodian)

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