1 Corinthians 15:45 And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

What the last Adam became when he resurrected was the destiny of the first man Adam when he was created.

The term “quickening spirit” is used to capture the type of man whose spirit personality is God

We are not on a Journey to become quickening spirits we were born that way as righteousness.

This type of man is God’s visibility in all his fullness of divinity

The quickening spirit type of man which is what the believer is now, was not created in God’s image, he is the begotten image of God. He was not created in the image he is the very image.

The believer ever exist by the mystery of his type of life. The believer is the type of man that cannot further become anything in God he has no journey of becoming anything, his journey is soul related; it is for him to use the mind region of his soul faculty to capture the knowledge of the son of God “WHICH IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS TRUE SELF IN THE I AM ORDER OF LIFE”

The believer is an uncreated spirit personality that is incapable of corruption. He is stronger than death. We need to understand that our problem is lack of accurate knowledge of who we are in our spirit personality as righteousness and until we are daring enough to look into the immortal core essence of our being with the eyes of our heart death, in relation to the body will continue to thrive as the normal experience.

Wake up from religious dogma and embrace reality, of what good is it? with all the good and nice theologies our experiences still revolves around the matrix of death.

Do you think it an impossible thing for your body to experience resurrection in this life? The truth you don’t believe you dishonour and will never be an experience.

Your consciousness needs to be overtaken by the truth of your immortal identity and stop wasting your precious time in religious frivolities.

You are the BLESSED.

Identity school of redemption.

Written by Saint Omo

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