How Do I Set These Spiritual Laws?

#1 Know your identity and walk consciously in conformity with the known identity:you’re no more an ordinary being.Your Spirit isn’t just one with the Father in form of union,but you’re one with the Father as a perfect representation (substitute) While representations take care for the Father, representatives troubles the father to do the jobs for the people. Representatives are mere agents or mouth piece, who can’t do anything until the father is asked to do it for people.

Whatsoever you do from the Spirit and in the Spirit is done by the Father himself.John15:7.If you’re in me at all times, and my words are in you, then anything for which you make a request will be done for you. Easy to Read Bible. That’s why Jesus could say, he did what he saw the Father do in heaven.Now we’re the righteousness of the Father.That life in the Father that makes him impeccable is what dwells in us now. And he’s the one that should rule us consciously and unconsciously, not the flesh.

I heard the testimony of a man who travelled with his wife in their private car.On their way to their destination, they had a fatal accident and the wife died, he managed to take the corpse to a nearby hospital and all efforts to revive the woman proved abortive.The medical expertise decided to take the remains into a morgue, while they were trying to prepare the body for morgue he remembered that our God is his father and he loved him and the wife so much that he couldn’t have delivered them unto his enemy;death.Despite his disobedience to the previous instruction of the Father not to travel, he couldn’t have had death as their punishment.This sense of love gave him gut and his faith rose… He asked the doctor to leave the wife for him. He told them the wife was sleeping and that she would soon wake up…..He commanded the wife to wake up, the wife woke up and they continued on their journey.Alleluyah ! That’s what the sense of love can do. I’m not advising you to take the instructions of the father for granted.But know him enough as the father of love to identify his works from the works of Satan…make laws in all areas of your life and stop Satan from intruding into your life. You’re more than the child of a king. Ps82:5-7

Let me quickly say this less I forget, that The Father of glory is actually waiting for mature sons whom he can hand over the whole of the universe to, for perfect administration.Not because he can’t do it himself, but because his words becomes LAWS when he said it. He’s not a man that can lie, neither the son of man that can repent…He said he had given the earth to the sons of man.Ps115:16.He also said let THEM have, not let us have dominion.We’re the ones to dominate on his behalf.It’s our responsibility.

But mind you the father of glory will not hand over the kingdom into the hands of a baby.You know the people in the world say absolute power corrupts… absolutely.The Father will not hand over his ABSOLUTE power into the hands of the ones that will misuse it.Yet he needs saints that will carry absolute power to subdue his enemy and to harvest more souls into his kingdom. All of the manifest presence of God we celebrate today are still being stepped down by the Father ;they’re nothing compared to what the Father of Glory wants to release to the sons at this time.Because the father knows we can missuse the absolute power if it’s given to us, he needs to control it.

Jesus said the prince of this world came, he found nothing of his in him. Until we’re mature enough to get to this level, where our flesh function 100% in sync with the Spirit, such power will not be released to the earth.Gal.4:1-8.Such power is too sacred to be mishandled….that’ll be devastating, you know .

Knowing whom you’re in the Father, you can actually set laws by your consciousness of revelations relating to all areas of your life and by once and for all decree that affects nations,not just by continous prayers to manage an issue for a while and later such issues raise their ugly heads again.Sons will will install and remove kings and presidents of nations. mature sons will change ozone layers to the favourable one permanently.Do you know that, God will not even need to destroy the earth by himself?, The devastating daily activities of man are capable of bringing the world to an end prematurely, if sons do not arise from their slumber to take charge of the earth.All the father commanded us to take control over are now dominating us…. hmnnnn, it’s well.

Aren’t you surprised that, the patriachs of old did some things, just by convenant and till now generations still benefit from those actions of theirs…Their WORDS & WALK with God in truth and in love, despite their operating under the laws were able to say and do things that BECAME LAWS THAT CANNOT BE EASILY REVERSED.I think we all really need to come up and jettison our religious and one way mentality, so we can live up to the expectations of the Father of Glory.

Written by

Hassan Ololade Melchizedek

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