Dear Mom,

I know it’s your body, and it’s your choice to decide if I live or die, but hear me out before you make your choice.

You had unprotected sex and from that passionate moment of (love or lust), my life entered your beautiful womb. It’s obvious you all didn’t mean to conceive me, but come on mom/dad neither one of you didn’t think that I was a possibility; egg-sperm connect, ready or not here I come Ouch!

Life is inside of you mom, I’m here on earth inside of your womb, “You are Dad don’t want me?” Mom, not one person on earth wants me? Do you really have to sentence me to death? Think about this mom/dad. And mom, if you don’t know whom dad is, please focus on me if dad is the last person you ever want to see, focus on me. You get my point mom. It’s up to you whether I live or die. No matter what laws are passed, you still have to make a choice if I live or die legally or illegally. Either way, I am laying in your womb the second I’m conceived waiting on death row because I know you are going to make a choice about me. I am writing asking you to let me live, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Mom, what if you allowed me to hang out in your womb for at least nine months, and while I am relaxing in your womb, you make a choice to talk to me, rub that belly of yours and sing me a few songs. What if you decide to let me live and introduce me to earth, wow mom, I think that would be great, and once you see me and hear my voice I am sure you…

Mom, I heard that those doctors’ slap us on our behinds until we scream real loud when we are born. On another note, they have to find another method to get us to cry, I don’t know about you, mom, but I don’t want them slapping me on my behind. But mom, honestly, I would rather them slapping me on my behind than sucking my life/body out of your womb; and throwing me away without a proper funeral or send off. Mom/Dad, neither one of you don’t care that I would be thrown away as a dead rat caught on a rat trap. Come on mom; don’t let them execute me! I didn’t do anything to deserve to be murdered. Can you try and love me. And if you find that it is unbearable to love me, can you find it in your heart to give someone else a chance to love me? Please, mom, give me a chance to live, don’t have me killed. I am LIFE! If I weren’t living there wouldn’t be so many arguments about whether you have a choice to let me live or die, (abortion).

Take me off death row mom; let me live. I have a few (what ifs) for you to think about:

  • What if – you fall in love with me?
  • What if – when you hear my voice for the first time it’s the best sound you have ever heard in your life?
  • What if – you experience more love than you have ever experienced in your entire life with me?
  • What if – you are able to be all that you dreamed to become. We could share your accomplishments, Mom that sounds so exciting to me!
  • What if – I look just like you?
  • What if – my dad wants me?
  • What if – a family member wants me?
  • What if – you give life a chance with me?
  • What if – you gave me a chance to live?

Mom, I understand that you may have been raped, you may have been sexually abused by your dad and even a family member you trusted, maybe even some other mentally disturbed man. I am not quite sure why you want to have me killed. Regardless, I couldn’t control their actions, I would’ve protected you mom if I could have.

  • What if – you made a choice to allow me to live, and you decided that we would conqueror all things on earth together by letting that man who hurt you so badly know that he will not turn your soul into such bitterness to the point you will kill me. Let me live mom, and show him, he will not destroy you and he will definitely not have you to destroy me. Show him mom; show them all that you are a conqueror. Show the world you will be victorious even if your choice is to allow me to live.

Mom, I have a lot more to say, but this is enough for now, I hope you consider letting me live, I hope you consider falling in love with me. After all, your blood runs through my body, I am from you, mom.

Mom I do not want to join the list of aborted babies let me live. No matter what you think, feel, or hear. We’ll make it! Don’t make a choice to let them execute me. Let me live! I love you, Mom.

Baby On Death Row

Hoping You Make The Right Choice


Fanny Minnitt

Founder, veteran, author, a retired teacher, and administrator. She now serves as an Elder, Radio Talk Show Host, VO an Empowerment Speaker.

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