The goal of redemption is an achieved reality in the heart of God, it is a settled deal in the Faith of God on the account of the finished work of Christ

the end goal is a mystical identity and a union that gives a perfect mirror and expression to the Godhead in HIS fullness

THE SON is the perfect one that gives a perfect expression to the Godhead

Christ as the perfect man is not only the radiance of God’s Glory, much more he is the expression of his ESSENCE(Hebrew 1:3), the essence of God is the inherent nature of his being

created beings only reflect his glory(the outshining of his essence)but cannot give expression to that very essence of his being, this is why they are not like God and cannot image the reality of who God is in his full state, so it is a fruitless attempt trying to discover God by looking at the angels or created spirit beings, God can only be imaged in the SON even the first man was in the “making process” of becoming the image of the Godhead which began by God creating him and ultimately consummate in God given birth to him because the son who is the perfect image and direct expression of the father cannot be created having the essence of God it can only be by the father actually given birth to him, this is because that essence(that inherent nature) can only be reproduce by inheritance through birth

unfortunately there was a temporary interruption in that project, hallelujah God’s love never gave up,he made a way to accomplished that which he has purposed in his heart before eternity was brought forth

The SON is the nakedness of the father because in HIM the father is revealed and seen, this is one of the mystery beings of glory do not understand and the reality of this nakedness will continue to be a wonder to them in all ages and eternity

Lets look a little bit more at Christ as the perfect man, the first begotten son from the dead, the son among many sons yet to be glorified who is the example of who we are becoming as sons

at this point clear off your religious mind lets reason together
Christ as the perfect man is not God but man,the word perfect was use to qualify the man because he has become that man in whom God is complete and manifest in him in his fullness (Colossians 2:3)we are gradually approaching things you may find difficult to believe

the perfect man is the son that expresses the fullness of ALL the attributes of God, this is not heresy this is an achieved reality of God’s eternal desire so Christ as the perfect man who is the first begotten from the dead is an embodied expression of all the realities of the attributes of the Godhead, this is the true meaning of identity, angels have not identity with God in the sense that they are far different from who God is in his essence even though they reflect dimensions of his glory no wonder the Hebrew writer says that the son is “being made so much better than the angels” Christ as the son is capacitated with the power to limitlessly live like God, his manifestation to John in the book of revelation was not as God it was as the SON who has now become the PERFECT MAN

to mention a few regarding what you call the exclusive attributes of God alone like his omniscience and his omnipresence attributes

the SON is capacitated with the power to express these attributes, a religious mind will refute this and call it heresy,you see you are the one who set those attributes as standards for God but God himself do not measure himself as God by those abilities and therefore do not set them as exclusive standards for himself, the son possesses all that God is in essence, the perfect man is the glorified son who is God’s fullness reproduce and manifest in an immoral body, this is our destiny as we journey in the spiritual pathway of sonship

Currently we are being conformed(romance 8:29) into that reality of Christ as the perfect man who now image the fullness of the Godhead as the glorified SON so that we can now fully begin to express and manifest all the realities of God’s essence hence we have the potential of expressing God in his fullness because of his life in us so the state of Christ as the perfect man is our destiny in God

this is what it means to be glorified with Christ the perfect man is the man that have been fully gloried with the fullness of God and death is not an escaped root to coming into this your inheritance in God this is why we must become more diligent in our walk with the lord than ever, constantly beholding the lord and getting more transformed till we are molded with glory into that son that fully imaged the fullness of the Godhead( 2 Corinthians 3:18)just keep in touch more light will be thrown on this later on but for now get lost in meditation and fellowship on this it will be expanded to you even more by the holy spirit

Yahweh is blessed forever

Written by Saint omo

Yahweh to face Pavilion

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