The practise of God’s presence is a consciousness related practise; it is really coming to tangibly and vitally “lay hold” on God AS AN EVER ABIDING PERSON IN YOU AND WITH YOU.

Our prayers to make daddy manifest himself from heaven reveals how distant we are in our consciousness from him who lives in us even the distance between heaven and earth to a believer lies in his consciousness.

The primarily purpose of daily practising God’s presence is not to “manifest power” or for any “show up” in ministry, it is to really get acquainted with him as a person and not some sort of force or a God that is up there and you are down here.

One of the most effective way of really enjoying this communion life with daddy is by talking to him as one who is indeed ever present with you. Daddy’s presence in person is your “physical” habitation. Anything natural with God is equally natural with you, you are both defined by one life. Selah.

Don’t you think daddy is so interested in you sharing with him how your day went or don’t you think he cares about you talking with him about anything?

Many have never truly learnt to bring their fellowship with God into their daily affairs of life, no doubt, when it comes to binding and loosing kind of prayers they can pray even for hours but it sounds strange to them when it comes to truly engaging daddy in conversation.

A child-like heart in communion with daddy makes the difference between a boring day and a fun full day among believers.

Daddy wants you to know indeed that he is closer to you than your breath and that there are no protocol and modes of talking with him.

I was shocked when I discover that it seem somehow to some believers to call God daddy, maybe it sound so intimate to do so, then I knew some really need to thoroughly be taught the fatherhood of God again and again.

Actually every form of distance and lack of intimacy we are experiencing is sin consciousness.

It is sin consciousness to think you cannot talk with God just as you converse with those “physically” present around you, the Holy spirit is not just one ghost in the dark that you have to gather up enough faith to relate with.

It really get me concern that some believers who have seen me at some point in conversation with God always ask why do I always talk to God as though he is a “real physical person” my reply is always that he is real to me than the physical walls around me; he is present with me as a person not as a force, he is a person that means he hears, he sees, he feels etc. Nobody would want to be seen as something abstract.

The Lord has emotions and communion is sweet when you get emotional with him. This is not being carnal it is Faith tangibly making your love affair with him so real to you that you are having it as a literal experience and as a matter of fact this is how broken emotions are restored by learning to wrap the Lord with your emotions which is the inner work of the Lord’s joy in your heart.

Daddy is never distant from you, take some time out today and just engage him in a conversation, cultivate the consciousness of your father’s ever abiding presence as an intimate person.

Sin is not the hindrance separating you from your daddy, it has been dealt with forever. Meditate on this Truth and break out in joy and laughter or in tears which ever conduit of expression it happens, just soak yourself in the truth that nothing, whether in heaven or in the earth or in hell can separate you from the father’s ever abiding love.

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