I am also concerned about a generation that is desperately seeking after “MANTLES” but actively ignoring the Mighty HOLY SPIRIT.

It’s like having an ocean inside you but ALWAYS running after a cup of water in the custody of someone else.
I do not know a bigger Kingdom error under the sun than this!

However, I want to emphatically state that I am not against seeking impartations from God’s anointed. There is nothing wrong with that!

But going after “MANTLES” at the expense of an ACTIVE RELATIONSHIP/FELLOWSHIP with the HOLY SPIRIT is equivalent to shortchanging yourself in this life. No amount of impartations can replace the HOLY SPIRIT. For the records, He is the SOURCE of every Godly impartation.
GOD DOESN’T have a better gift than the HOLY SPIRIT to give!

Interestingly, The word “MANTLE” was not mentioned even once in the ENTIRE NEW TESTAMENT. Kindly use your e-bible search engine to verify.

Like I said earlier, this is NOT an attempt to discredit the place of receiving Holy Impartations. Actually, impartatation is the “Spiritual App” through which KINGDOM RESOURCES and HERITAGES are TRANSFERRED from vessel to vessel and generation to generation as equipment for kingdom advancement. Interestingly, after receiving any impartation, you need the HOLY SPIRIT to guide you on how to FULLY ACTIVATE and MAXIMISE it

This is geared towards recaliberation of the principal focus.

He is the power of God!
He is the glory of God!
He is the source of the anointing!
He is the omnipresence of the God-head.
He is the Sponsor of the Supernatural.
God’s SPIRIT is heaven’s BIGGEST ASSET on earth.
He is NOT a dove!
He is NOT a cloud!
He is NOT wind!
He is a PERSON!
TENDER yet powerful in fact, the power of the Highest
Calm yet fierce.
You cannot taste God’s best for you without Him.

He wants to change your life.
He needs your permission.
Please don’t ignore Him again.
Give him a chance!

#Towards an increased emphasis on intimacy with the HOLY SPIRIT.


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